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Sewemup Mesa

Sewemup Mesa Wilderness
Sewemup Mesa Wildlife Protection Area
Agency Status: WSA
Counties: Mesa and Montrose
Nearest City of Town: Gateway
Location: West bank of Dolores River to Utah border.
The Sewemup Mesa is one of the most pristine areas of Western Colorado. Isolated from human activity by its high cliffs, the mesa has developed deep cryptogrammic crust on much of its soil. CPP endorses official Wilderness designation of this rugged yet fragile area.
There are no developed trails on Sewemup. Any recreational travel can severely affect the pristine nature of this area, so CPP is also proposing a Wildlife Protection Area which will restrict total use under a permit system.
The Colorado Environmental Coalition has proposed a much larger area for Wilderness that would include BLM lands north and south of the Wilderness Study Area and portions of the Manti LaSalle National Forest. These lands may well be worthy of protection, but the CPP proposal does not encompass them at this time.