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Colorado Preservation Project


Roan Update

After years of contention, the BLM, under the Bush Administration, sold oil and gas leases for the plateau in 2008. Preservation is no longer possible.

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Roan Plateau

Roan Plateau National Conservation Area
Agency Status: WSA
Counties: Garfield
Nearest City of Town: Rifle
Location: North of the Colorado River, west of Rifle
The Roan Plateau is the site of intense debate between potential oil and gas development and the protection significant wildlife and vegetative resources. CPP chooses protection, using the flexible tool of a National Conservation Area.
A Wilderness proposal for the Roan Plateau suffers from the presence of a major road system through the middle of the area. NCAs can include roads, but they also protect the lands from mining and other forms of development, without needing circuitous cherry-stem boundaries.
The City of Rifle has published a map of the mountain biking trails in this area.