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Rep. Salazar endorses Dominguez Wilderness

Representative John Salazar (D.-western CO) introduced legislation that would make the core of Dominguez Canyon a Wilderness, surrounded by a NCA.

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Dominguez and Bangs Canyons, Gunnison River

Tabeguache National Conservation Area
Dominguez National Protection Area
Bangs Canyon Wilderness
Gunnison River Wilderness
Agencies: BLM
Agency Status: WSA
Counties: Delta, Mesa, and Montrose
Nearest City of Town: Grand Junction
Location: SE of Grand Junction, west of the Gunnison River.
This large proposed National Conservation Area, bounded on the east by a relatively undeveloped section of the Gunnison River, offers magnificent canyons and mesa scenery.
The Dominguez Canyon Protection Area encompasses a BLM WSA which the agency has recommended for Wilderness designation. The CPP proposal seeks a Protection Area instead, as this area includes numerous trails suitable for bicycling.
The CPP proposal does include two Wilderness areas. Both the Gunnison River and Bangs Canyon Wilderness proposal have the Gunnison River as their eastern boundaries, and the roads of the Tabeguache Trail as their western boundaries.
The NCA extends well beyond these proposed Wilderness and Protection Areas, guaranteeing that the full extent of this unusual and ecologically vital landscape will be protected for wildlife and recreation.